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Friday, April 30, 2004

name those parts

We were practicing a walking form of silk reeling which was fun. As one turned to face the opposite side in unison with the arms' circulation, it seemed that the best way of effecting the turn was to begin turning the waist, then forget to keep the front foot in place, i.e. let it slip around to accomodate the twisting being set up by the other leg.

Our teacher, Aarvo, liked this description. He also remarked that the hand movement was like Parting the Horse's Mane, which in our (short Yang and Chen) forms we have not got. That sounded like naming of parts to me "which in your case you have not got", always a monkey-fave.

Here it is, with some college-style analysis. It's strange how the whole thing turns out to be about (im)balance and (dis)harmony, since there we all were, as it were training to be balanced and harmonious (peaceful) warriors.

Monkey is, as ever, amused.


Saturday, April 17, 2004


Here on the hill, which has not yet been planted with crops, I can see all around: the Hog's Back, bits of Guildford and its Downs, St. Martha's and Munstead Heath.

Doing the form, gazing out, I notice how my gaze does not connect with the horizon. My eyes scan the weeds, distracting me.

Am I usually so down-cast in practice? Not any more, I vow!

From now on: Up!!

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Tuesday, April 06, 2004


spring easter rush latelunch walk meditate keep balance absorb sensation do not symbolise thought go past workmen clearing forest polluting air use twig practice like Li Mu Bai (AS IFF!!) dirty paw throw bad sword away through wet wood to sandy top where view to wealden grove pierces rain and then to pond (of many photos) and hail starts practice four hand circles symbolizing symmetry of direction of thought/chi being brush knee push cloud hands chen style circling and the rest aaah hail is cold keep walking absorbing coldpain stand on photospot and breathhhhhhh. back to office refreshed. head and trouser legs wet.