moving about. learning Chinese, practicing Tai Ji Quan, doing Qi Gong, or simply going out running. resisting the monkey impulses.

Friday, May 22, 2009



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Blogger zhurnaly said...

For those of us whose Chinese is rusty (or worse) you might think about posting a Google auto-translation link, if that's feasible ... it rendered your latest as:

May 21

Last night, I drank too much beer. Not intentionally.

I have a headache from morning to night. Several meetings.

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May 22

To get up early. After breakfast, on the bike to take the parcel post.
... which doesn't seem too shabby to me ...

BTW, typo in the last word of your blog headline, where "... resisting the monkey impluses." (^_^)

1:17 PM

Blogger Matt Whyndham said...

Thanks, I never noticed my own "impluses".

I'm not sure about the translation though, it was meant to say:

Got up early. [past aspect is implied, because it's know to be diary]. After breakfast, on the bike to the post office to COLLECT a parcel.

Context, context, context. Machine translation is crap at context.

3:20 PM


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