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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Glimmers of understanding

Hey groovy, someone just sent me an email in Mandarin that didn't take me more than a day to understand.

不知道你是否还记得我。我是你以前在UCL语言中心的汉语老师, X XX。你现在还在UCL学习汉语吗?还是你转道SOAS学习去了?。


你还在UCL工作吗?你有个好消息, 我要回来ucl工作了!!我8月初开始工作。希望能在跟你见面。我想你现在中文一定很棒!

I only had to look up about 5 words, but I got the gist straight away. I just spent half an hour re-typing it (this means I have to know what the pinyin is for each character) and I'm well on my way to composing a reply (我当然记得你, 我汉语水平还可以 。。。) turn-around time a fortnight. I'm starting to feel borderline literate.



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