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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Easy video

I knew my monkey-mind would come in useful!

I've borrowed a little DV camera from a friend and I've played with it a tiny bit. My sexy Manfrotto tripod came in useful. Using iMovie, it's as easy as picking fruit to set up a timeline of clips. I needed to scrabble around in the help to work out how to trim video and audio clips, but from then on it was easy. Transistions are a right pain though - they seem to adjust the length of the clips in unpredictable ways.

It's going to take me an hour or so to run through my forms from various angles, then another hour to put it together on a DVD (hello iDVD!). Don't wait to buy it from me though, I recommend Wang Hai Jun's Chen Style Tai Chi 18 Movement Form.

Just doing the camera test (web-quality Quicktime 8MB, about 4 min) with Start ... Pounding the mortar ... lazy tie coat, I've noticed loads of inadequacies already - so I'm confident that this techno-learning is going to be juicy fruitful!

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Anonymous wuji said...

i like the music :) What is this "techno learning" thing that you're talking about? I'm assuming sending video clips of yourself to someone for correction?

6:25 PM

Blogger Matt Whyndham said...

Only the simple tool of a rewindable mirror! If anyone else can bear to look at it, then fine, but I'm not going to insist on it. My holiday snaps are dreary enough.

7:21 PM


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