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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Ahoy there!

Here's a (young guy, presumably) reflecting on his taijiquan path in his blog, Wujibits.

He's quite the Chen style adept already, having graduated to the longer forms.

It's so interesting to see how it's going with other people.



Anonymous wuji said...

Hey Matt..

I've been doing taiji for quite some time and I've decided to focus myself on chen taijiquan. I started off doing the standardized sets then did some yang (via the TT Liang line) for some before finding chen. I've always wanted to study chen and it finally came true. I found a teacher who is a long time student of Ren Guangyi. I trained with him for a couple of years before relocating to another state. Luckily for me, my current location has instructors who have spent time with Chen Xiao Wang. In fact, they host seminars with him every year. There is also an instructor nearby that's also a direct student of Chen Zheng Lei when she was in china. Taiji is everywhere.. just gotta find the time soak it all in!

How about you?

1:42 PM


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