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Monday, November 08, 2004

Sparring - settle rising Chi

In blobbed, vanillasky reports an entertaining kick-boxing workout, which, as she put it "possibly sounds a bit barbaric to a non-kickboxer". Probably any martial artist would recognise the appeal of more "live" forms of training, even a wet scholarly layabout like me.

Peter and I played with some pushing hands last week, after our meeting had freed up a nice big room which, coincidentally, had had the usual bored-room tables pushed to the edge of. We pushed each other gently around circles for a bit, trying to listen properly, before we moved to a game of trying to unbalance the other. We used peng, an, and lou with a few others thrown in. After a few goes, the senses seemed to click in, but at the same time an excitement rose - drowning out the listening skill. We calmed and settled, and found the tactics worked better. Stillness within intense movement, and all that.

Much better than a previous stab at this game I partook of a while ago, which degenerated all too rapidly into thrashing about, the Chi having risen without control.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter posting anonymous coward...

Yeh pretty good session. The key thing is watching the liver for signs of rising angry chi, which tends to happen in physical contact. (I have a big energetic hangover from rugby league contact training here...)

The second thing is the really ridiculously difficult thing of surrendering ego, learning to invest in loss. Finally, its quite a skill to dump your baggage when your'e in push hands mode, as it tends to bring out latent emotions, yours and your partner's.

My checklist (which I try to do at the mo, and will do in about 20 years) goes:

1) Root.
2) Song (catlike relaxation of body)
3) Breathing
4) dissolve liver.
5) spine straight, head light.
6) repeat

2:15 PM


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