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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Telegraphing intent

Another example of Zaha Sensei's understanding of karate also occurred at the All-Japan Tournament held at the Osaka Central Gymnasium. Sensei and I were watching the tournament from the main seats; Sensei indicated one fellow, remarking that he would probably win the tournament. He won, just as Sensei predicted, but he merely commented, "I question his skill from a budo perspective." Another example occurred when I was doing kumite with Sensei at his home. As I took my stance, he asked, "Are you planning to kick, Mr. Ushiro?" "Now, a punch?" before I could even make a move. I was shocked and wondered how Sensei could read my intentions. I asked how he could foresee my movements, and he replied that with the stance I had taken I was only able to kick, or could only throw a punch. I hadn't noticed-though I understand clearly now-that I only kicked using a certain stance, and only punched with another.

Through these experiences, I began to realize that something was wrong with my karate. At the same time I was really excited about this Zaha Karate that was so different from my own.

From Okinawan Koryu Karate
by Kenji Ushiro
Aiki News #98, 1994, 21:1



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