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Sunday, May 09, 2004

Three streams.

In yesterday's dead-tree version of Runner's World, a short piece on Tai Chi. I paraphrase: Tai Chi: Brilliant!! Docherty: "Chi is really another term for oxygen, so it's not weird and scary", and so on...

Hmm, curious, I've been thinking of both running and Qi in the same mind for years. And strange how many streams flow together. But all is illusory, since monkey-minds are machines to fabricate coincidence, especially when one looks for them. Still, here's what I found:

Tom Landini, a Feldenkrais-type dude, here refers to Danny Dreyer's ChiRunning (R). It's here again in Dreyer's book, and again in this AARP article (where you'll encounter more linkage). All very organised, I must say.

And over here in Zimmerman's vaguely running-related Zhurnal. He's more random, like me.

These days, many Feldenkrais practitioners around the world (Felden-what?) are on the web, and you can read their musings on the connectedness of all things internal/external, ancient/modern, with forms, or without.



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