moving about. learning Chinese, practicing Tai Ji Quan, doing Qi Gong, or simply going out running. resisting the monkey impulses.

Wednesday, March 31, 2004


Spring's here, in Monkey's pure land!

This lunchbreak, having broken free of the mountain of words, I did what I could of my forms, standing on what used to be a fine garden (steps down to where they play footy under "g") where semi-private tai chi is possible.

Squishing my feet on the clumpy grass (not enough summertime trampling yet) I realised how much slipping and sliding goes on in normal practice. Such foot-scraping may or may not be good form, but it makes the balance easier. How to spin and kick on a grabby surface?

Euurh, monkey struggles. But the sun shines warmly, mmmm!



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