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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Good lunch

Having started with 3 mins swinging/twisting and a minute standing, I had a really good 25 mins doing one each of my two forms this lunchtime. Despite a pre-existing splitting headache, I felt relaxed, smooth and energetic:

- loads of connection sensation between the palms

- an inkling of inner heaviness

- the occasional thought of developing forward-going power (as in Ward Off) as the front leg softens, as oppossed to as the root leg strengthens (which it does by itself).

I also worked on the Lotus Kick, and got closer to being able to feel where it was supposed to go. The first one was crap -- hands and feet nowhere near each other and uncoordinated -- so I tried about 10 more kicks. Let's see if next time the pattern is stored.

I've launched a Surrey/Hants bulletin board area on the Palmchange site. You'll see me in there as RepulsiveMonkey.



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