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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Palm changes

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We stayed on after Tai Chi last night for a go at the Ba Gua class which James also runs. We did some mud walking practice in lines, a simple palm change and graduated to a circle walking. Oh and some sadistic spine stretchers, the Heavenly Stems. Then we let the already-practiced people demonstrate the ten palm changes.

It's a bit like country dancing in some ways, since James calls out CHANGE now and again and the group follows.

I'd like to have a go but where will I find the time and energy?



Anonymous tony said...

ten palm changes? Did they decimalise them?

Generally there are considered to be eight palm changes because of theeight underlying energies of the iching (ba gua Pedant) which inform them, though different schools have their own curricula

11:27 AM

Blogger Matt Whyndham said...

Well, I thought it was 8 as well, given the meaning of "ba gua" but James said ten. Or maybe I was mesmerised by the swishy movements.

2:18 PM


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