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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Munstead and Bramley

We've got a good route established now for the longer Sunday runs. It's got a good hill near the beginning and plenty of options at the end for shortening or lengthening the route as required. We attacked the hill this time, maxing the HR at the top. So much so that I lost count of the seconds when trying to count it. A sign of lack of O2! Really we should be taking these Sunday runs a bit easier. If you are ever near Munstead, look out for the converted water tower, which we ignored completely.

Perfect running weather, bit of sunshine to make things look nice, but cool enough not to dehydrate. We cracked a bit of pace on the flat, didn't dawdle to much at any point, and clocked about 1:50 running time.

No Sunday run next week, as I'm off to Kentish Town again for another day of Wang Hai Jun's tai chi.



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