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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Tai Chi class assembling

Tai Chi class assembling
Tai Chi class assembling,
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Here's proof that I went along to Wang Hai Jun's class this Sunday. No great innovations to report, however, it was really great to stand and practice with this master. His style is at once fluid and powerful. Best thing he said? "AAAAAHHH!!" (A sound emphasising the development of power during silk-reeling and form).

Incidentally, because his English isn't great, I got a some Mandarin demonstration into the bargain. I could understand the odd word here and there, though nothing approaching a functional level.

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Anonymous wujimon said...

No great innovations??? I'm curious on what kind of ah-ha's may pop at me for an upcoming CZL seminar. I had some pretty good ah-ha moments at the CXW seminar I attended so hopefully I can pull some information out! :)

1:41 PM


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