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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wakan and Yi Quan

From Cook Ding's Kitchen, this interesting language tool. Windows-only unfortunately. Since I've almost entirely switched I'm passing on the recommendation as is. The project website looks nice though.
While I was at it, I came across a very interesting program entitled Wakan. It’s available as a free download as long as it’s not put to any commercial use. Wakan translates between Japan and English, and between Chinese and English. It’s a very handy way to look up words and characters. Even if you have no intention of studying either Japanese or Chinese, but may want to look up a word or character from time to time, I think you would find it useful.
Wakan can be found at

Also on Cook Ding's Kitchen a post relating to Yi Quan, which I've not come across before. It seems to be a newly (i.e. early 2oth C) synthesised internal martial art system, a re-factoring of xing-yi if you like. The site linked to has some interesting background and a substantial qi-gong booklet for free download. Anybody else heard of this?



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