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Friday, March 31, 2006

YouTube, and going to Wang's

Do you remember ages ago I talked about doing taichi practice video? No? Well, I even dreamed in the bath about a site to store little clips, and share them with friends. Well here's one such site: You Tube. It's like Flickr for video, and it's not the only such site. Like most of these Flickr-copies, it's got tags, groups, friends as well as the basic media storage and viewing. Have a look! There's some Chinese form competition on there that's quite eye-opening. You mean that's Yang-style, jumping around on one leg like a insane thing??!

Calm down. I'm off to Wang Hai Jun's workshop in London this Sunday. I reckon we'll be going over Chen style short form.



Anonymous wujimon said...

I really wouldn't consider that yang style, more along the lines of the new wave of competition taiji. To me, it's really a mix of taiji, wushu, and acrobatics. While it's interesting to watch.. I'm not too sure what this will do for the future of taiji..

9:43 PM

Anonymous wujimon said...

BTW, hope to hear about Wang Haijun's seminar! I will be attending a seminar with Chen Zhenglei shortly, can' wait!!!

9:44 PM


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