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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Naah, there's no such thing as chee ... is there?

An account of a skeptic/hostile's encounter with reiki, when he was the young Luke Skywalker. As the slightly older version, he reflects:
about five minutes later, I felt really tired. Two minutes after that, I sort of slumped in my chair and the taiji teacher asked me what I was feeling. I said that I could still feel the pain but it’s like it was a thousand miles away. The throbbing was like hearing a drum in the distance. I also felt totally relaxed and calm, like after a total body massage.

He stopped and said that was the power of reiki, and I remember feeling a bit sheepish. Not only did the treatment work to alleviate the pain, but it worked DESPITE me thinking that it wouldn’t. That really surprised me. There was no hypnotic suggestion or chalking that experience up to the power of belief, etc.

I didn’t know what to do with that experience for many years, and, to some extent, I still don’t even today.
In the blogging tradition, I've stolen the punchline, right? If this sort of thing interests you (the boundary between what you know, and what works, and the fractal nature of that boundary) read the full post from Formosa Neijia.

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Anonymous chessman71 said...

Hey. How's it going?

I've moved to a permanent server and I was wondering if you could change the link on your site to point to my new site.

I appreciate it and I'm looking forward to your next post. How's the Chinese class coming?

12:52 AM

Blogger PJA said...

Hey Matthias son of deuteronomy of gath,

As someone despairingly told me. There's no such thing as chi, now bring your chi to your hand.....

It worked, the first part of the ssentence knocked out expectation/ rational attempts to model, the second gave focus to what was actually happening. Once you think there's no such thing as chi, you can do wonderful thigs with your chi.

Yours in chajusong


3:24 PM


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